If you are in need of flood damage restoration, you have probably already discovered that it is not a task you can tackle without assistance. When basement flooding or similar issues have occurred, the damage is often substantial. For this reason, having your property restored and the devastating effects mitigated is of the utmost importance.

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Problems Caused by Flood Damage

There are many reasons why you may need flood damage repair service. For example, you may have experienced a water heater flood, during which the appliance malfunction, allowing the surrounding area to become saturated. Such an event can lead to a host of problems including dangerous situations involving wiring, or the presence of mold or mildew if flood damage repair is not completed in a timely manner.

Storm and Flood Damage Restoration

If your home was damaged by a storm, hurricane or other natural catastrophe, it is essential to have it evaluated at once, and the appropriate steps taken to mitigate your losses. Storm damage restoration experts have the equipment and experience necessary to address even the most serious moisture problems. They can ensure that your losses are minimized through the use of the following equipment: • Hi-tech drying equipment • Moisture detectors • Anti-microbial treatments • Deodorization products • Infrared cameras • Industrial grade dehumidifiers • Submersible and gas-powered pumps • Truck mounted and portable extraction units • Disinfection products These and other tools and devices are essential to the complete restoration of your home to its prior state. In addition, our experts can conduct mold testing and other tasks to ensure the safety of your dwelling for yourself and your loved ones. Whether basement flooding or a water heater flood has caused damage to your residence, your best course of action is to contact a professional flood damage restoration company at once. They can dispatch experts to the scene to make the appropriate recommendations. This will ensure that your home is returned to a safe and comfortable condition. Do not procrastinate. Rather, contact our professional and courteous staff immediately to get the help you need.

Elite Water Damage – Award Winning Service You Can Trust

While it is possible to remove standing water yourself, it is not an easy task and requires proper equipment and hard work. Most home and business owners are just not equipped to take on this project without professional help.

If you may need fast water removal, or have a property that has a flooded basement from burst pipes, a broken hot water heater, or leaking furnace you need to know that Water inside a home is an emergency and water removal is an immediate need.

The longer water is present, the more damage is done to the interior of a home and potentially the structure itself. Even one day can make a difference in the growth of mold and mildew as well as water damage to the floors.

We are an IICRC certified water damage company that will respond within 45 minutes and offer fast water removal and extraction.