Water Damage Cleanup and Mold Remediation in Newtown PA

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Just a quick review a water damage cleanup and mold remediation done in Newtown, PA.

You can review a few pictures below.

Room with mold damage in Newtown PA (6) Ceiling exposing the mold in the room - Newtown PA

Close up of the mold in the ceiling - Newtown As we started opening the ceiling in Newtown PA (3)
Mold damage repair can be a quite expensive task. You may think about mold as a black spot that shows up in the tub when it hasn’t been cleaned in a while, however a serious mold issue that spreads out areas like ceilings (see example above), walls, floors, or basements can wind up being a pricey repair service work.

This is why you need to handle mold problems as soon as you are aware of them by calling Elite Water Damage Restoration inc. We focus on water damage problems and the removal of mold. If you let the problem sit and smolder, the mold damages repair expense will certainly be a lot more than it would if you merely take care of it up front and right away.

If the damages was caused by dampness resulting from leaky pipes or a poor air shaft system (it happens), the cost of repairing or replacing these fixtures should be included in as well.

Also, if the remediation and repair procedure is needed for a huge area of the house, you may need to locate a temporary home for the time frame of the repair works, which can also cause extra expenses. Naturally the most costly part could be the compromising of your family members’s health if the airborne spores induce bronchial asthma or other breathing issues (ie.. lung illness), as well as the medical costs of course related to that.

Most of these expenses can lessened or eliminated by prevention and/or prompt action on your part, there are always instances where this dangerous problem could not be prevented.

If it does happen however, Be sure to call us to make certain that you keep the mold damage remediation price as low as possible.

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At Elite Water Damage Restoration we are committed to being at your location 45 minutes after you contact us. The minute we arrive we begin solving your problems. When you need help right now no matter what, we are the company to call.

We are a local family owned company and We use top quality drying and restoration equipment for water extraction and dry out services. We will bill your insurance directly for all services provided, and work with all major insurance companies.

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