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You may need fast water removal if a major flood has occurred in the area, or a home has a flooded basement from burst pipes, a broken hot water heater, or a leaking furnace. Water inside a home is an emergency and water removal is an immediate need. The longer water is present, the more damage is done to the interior of a home and potentially the structure itself. Even one day can make a difference in the growth of mold and mildew as well as water damage to the floors.


While it is possible to remove standing water yourself, it is not an easy task and requires proper equipment and hard work. Most homeowners are just not equipped to take on this project without professional help. If you decide to try it yourself, first make sure the power is off, and that no one is in danger of coming into contact with anything electrical that is standing in water. Be sure gas is not leaking to avoid an explosion.

Equipment and Tools

Next, gather all the tools and supplies you need, such as a special pump to suck up the water. If you cannot locate a pump, you can carry the water out in buckets. Wear waterproof wading boots, gloves and old clothes that you can throw away when you are finished. If the water is from a flood, assume it is contaminated with germs, chemicals and other substances. Even water that flooded from inside the house has concentrations of dirt, debris and cleaning solutions, as well. Once the water is removed, expect to see several inches of thick, heavy mud underneath flood waters. Of course this must also be completely removed by scraping and shoveling it out.

After the water and mud are removed, it will be necessary to thoroughly scrub everything with a special bleach or other solution to prevent growth of fungi. Regular household
bleach is not strong enough. Keep in mind that after a disaster such as a flood, tools and cleaning items may be in short supply or become impossible to find, so do not delay in
gathering what you need.

Call on Experts

If water removal is not carried out promptly and correctly, the consequences can be devastating to the property. For this reason, it is advisable to contact professionals who have the proper equipment and expertise to assess the situation, complete the task and perform proper cleanup. If you feel overwhelmed and need help with removing water from your home, call us today for your health, property protection and peace of mind. We are here when you need us.

Looking for a water damage company that is IICRC Certified then you have to call Elite Water Damage and Restoration inc. Do you have a water in the basement or any other area of the house. We respond within 45 minutes and offer fast water removal and extraction.

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At Elite Water Damage Restoration we are committed to being at your location 45 minutes after you contact us. The minute we arrive we begin solving your problems. When you need help right now no matter what, we are the company to call.

We are a local family owned company and We use top quality drying and restoration equipment for water extraction and dry out services. We will bill your insurance directly for all services provided, and work with all major insurance companies.

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